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U.S. post offices … now with clickability!

(Click the image to go to the map – Java-capable browser required.) I’ve never done any interactive mapping before, and wanted to test the waters using Processing. After the positive reactions to my post office expansion video, I thought some … Continue reading

25. September 2011 by dwtkns
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Posted: Visualizing US expansion through post offices.

This visualization shows how formal US territorial control expanded in North America from 1700 to 1900, as seen through changes in the spatial distribution of post offices: (HD and 1080p download here. It’s much prettier!) A few months ago, I … Continue reading

06. August 2011 by dwtkns
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Who decides the ugliness of a place?

I’m fascinated by how the meanings of places change from one person to the next. A given place could be sublime or mundane: it depends on who you ask. One example springs to mind. Much has been written (and photographed) of Detroit’s … Continue reading

28. July 2011 by dwtkns
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Inundated with place names

I figured I’d jump right in with my first post and share a map I made a while back that I finally got around to polishing up: Generic place names (or toponyms) such as Cumberland Gap or Mount Rainier provide general … Continue reading

25. July 2011 by dwtkns
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